Welcome to Clovercrest Family Practice

Introduction of $20.00 Gap Fee for New Patients

Clovercrest Management will be introducing a private fee for new patients and patients who have not attended the practice for 3 years or more from 1st March 2017.
Pension cardholders, Healthcare cardholders & children aged up the age of 16 WILL NOT incur a $20.00 gap for all general consultations. (Excluding: mental healthcare plans, mental healthcare plan reviews & procedures.) It is practice policy that all accounts are settled in full on the day of your consultation: EFTPOS, mastercard, visacared & cash accepted.

Clovercrest Family Practice was established in April 2006 and is located within the Clovercrest Village Shopping Centre in Modbury.

Clovercrest Family Practice is predominantly a bulk-billing medical practice committed to providing a holistic &comprehensive range of services.


GPEx - Practice Accreditation Sticker

Did you know that our practice is accredited to train doctors specialising in general practice?

Our practice has been accepted to help deliver the Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) program to registrars (GPs in training), in collaboration with the South Australian Regional Training Organisation, GPEx.

This vocational general practice training program is the primary pathway that doctors undertake to become specialist GPs – like the ones that you may visit here.

Registrars are placed at practices on 6-month rotations, who are supervised and guided by our experienced GPs. Registrars are highly trained and bring the latest knowledge, passion and commitment to their work.

We are proud to be a part of this training program and to help train tomorrow’s future GPs in order to keep our communities happy and healthy.


Mission Statement (Practice Aims & Philosophy)
The goal of the doctors and staff of Clovercrest Family Practice is to provide:

    • The best medical care for patients incorporating best practice principals, up to date knowledge and technological advances.
    • The best service for patients through awareness of individual health and social requirements, respect for the patients as people and confidentiality for any information gained.
    • The best working conditions for doctors and staff through mutual respect and awareness individually of personal and social requirements


The Clovercrest Family Practice prides itself on its professionalism & committment to all your healthcare needs.