Welcome to Clovercrest Family Practice

Clovercrest Family Practice was established in April 2006 and is located within the Clovercrest Village Shopping Centre in Modbury.

Clovercrest Family Practice is predominantly a bulk-billing medical practice committed to providing a holistic &comprehensive range of services.

Mission Statement (Practice Aims & Philosophy)
The goal of the doctors and staff of Clovercrest Family Practice is to provide:

  • The best medical care for patients incorporating best practice principals, up to date knowledge and technological advances.
  • The best service for patients through awareness of individual health and social requirements, respect for the patients as people and confidentiality for any information gained.
  • The best working conditions for doctors and staff through mutual respect and awareness individually of personal and social requirements
  • The Clovercrest Family Practice prides itself on its professionalism & committment to all your healthcare needs.